Who We Are

Big Hand Brand is a full-service web development crew and a group of seo consultants. From domains to hosting to design to marketing, we are your best source for success on the net.

Don’t think of us as just another contractor. We take ownership in what we do and we want to partner long-term with businesses seeking to use the Internet to grow and succeed.

All of our work is centered around who we are. We are creative thinkers with the skill to make ideas (yours and ours) work. You’ll find that we envelop ourselves in our clients’ worlds. Who you are, what you’re fighting, and where you’re going is important to us. We’re available to coach you, brainstorm with you, and provide you real inside information about your market.

The Secret to Success in Web Marketing

So maybe you’ve already got a great website – what next? The most crucial part of doing business on the web is getting traffic to your site. Not just any old traffic though – we’re talking qualified, ready-to-make-a-move, rush-hour traffic. The kind of traffic driven by people ready to do business with you.

We create the tools that help small businesses generate more calls, emails, and walk-ins looking for what they’ve got.